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Elevating our creative economy.

Established 2020

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Creative Entrepreneurs of Hawai’i empowers and expands the careers of Hawai’i’s creative entrepreneurs and their intellectual properties.


Creative Entrepreneurs of Hawai’i supports members, their careers and projects by providing access to training and development resources, opportunities, a collaborative community of motivated creatives, and a First Money Fund able to provide an impact investment for projects.

Defining Characteristics

Our members are born and/or are current residents of Hawai’i focused on creating projects inspired by Hawai’i’s people, history, culture, and unique place in the world.

Our Founding Members

Our strategy

We will accomplish our mission by:


Aggregating the entrepreneurial spirit, creative energy, and expertise in the creative industries of our members, board of advisors, patrons, and supporters.


Many hands working together


Providing support via programs, networking, and training and development of our members and board of advisors.


Caring, compassion for others, love, affection


Aggregating financial contributions of our members, patrons, supporters and their networks via membership fees, fiscal sponsorship fees, grants, and contributions - both in-kind and cash to support the organization’s operational costs.


Unity, agreement, accord

Fiscal Sponsorship

Acting as a fiscal sponsor of projects originated by both members and non-members.


Help, assist, comfort, support

First Money Fund

Providing financial support via a First Money Fund to members who have contributed into this fund. Additional financial support may be provided via grants as financial resources become available.


Privilege, responsibility, title, job


Creative Entrepreneurs of Hawai’i shall aggregate the creative energy and resources of its members in order to support them in producing and monetizing their creative products.


Thank you, gratitude

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